blog 15

28 Jun

I gave the story Omaha Bigelow 5 stars because I think this novel is extremely funny. One of the funniest novels I read so far. It is funny because Omaha gets into so much trouble because he chooses to put himself on trouble. He is a character to just laugh at because he makes stupid discussions. Its a unique book because of the perverted things that ate being said in the novel. The graphic words added reality to the novel. I haven’t read books such as this one. I would totally recommend this book to anyone. I would actually read it again in my free time. I love this book. Great job to Vega Yunqie, I would love to rift a brilliant book like this one.

blog 14

28 Jun

Today we did some free writing. I think free writing is helpful because its practice. More practice the better. Free writing is when anything just cones to mind, nothing mattes such as spelling and etc. I think free writing is better than real writing because free writing is about whatever comes in mind.
I free wrote about me losing my pen.
I am so upset I lost my pen. I was in english class today. My class starts at 8 untill 11. I was taking notes down with it. The pen was losing ink anyways. So I shouldn’t be mad I lost it. When class was over I realize it was gone! Luckly I had one more pen.

blog 13

28 Jun

Narratology is useful to help readers understand the role of the characters. Is useful because it helps point out the purpose of the story. It helps you realize why and how the author told the story that way. After Jahn theory on Narrotology, I feel like I understand stories much better because I use levels of narratollgy to seperate the characters. Such as the story “I Lived in A Story” which was extrrmely confuding to me, but after using levels of narration i undetstand tge characters purpose.
Some people thinks that Narratology is more confusing and could make the reader lose faith and focus. They think its confusing because there are so many terms listed that you have yo know. As long as you have the defination with you it shouldn’t be hard, just seperate the characters that you think that match the term.

blog 12

28 Jun

For the story Omaha there are many narration levels that represents the story. Such as how the author put himself in the story. Which means its Homogenic narration. Since the author made himself into a character that means he is listed as a character from the story. That is very creative and interesting because it makes the story surreal.
-Homogenic narration is when the story is told from a characters point of view. They aren’t confusing because it allows you to hear from their point of view. It allows you to see their perspective. Its good to see thee side as well.
In this story I don’t see who is a flat or round character. Omaha could be a round character as well as Maruquita. There aren’t any flat characters because there isn’t a chatacter that is a follower or side kick.

blog 11

28 Jun

Today in class we began talking bout Omaha Bigelow. We talked about the introduction. The story begans with introducing Omaha. Omaha gets fired from his job in Kinkos, which led him to being jobless. I also realizes how he is in love with his mother like as in a sexual way, right away I realize that he is a perverted and crazy person. No regular human beings have fetish for their mother. So I wasn’t surprise when I read about all those crazy things (like impragnating two women). He has done some inappropriate things such as have a sexual relationship with a 25 year old and since she’s a witch he asked her to change his penis size. I knew he was weird from the begining with his green hair and pierc tongue. Overall the fact that he is crazy and weird makes the story fun and exciting.

Blog 10

21 Jun

Overall i liked this book. I gave it 3 stars , because i like the fact that Quixote is extremely adventurous. The fact that he is adventurous makes it exciting because he comes across a lot of obstacles. The humerous lines that were thrown in the story made me also like the story because it stopped me from getting bored, That’s what kept me interested in the story as well. I didn’t like how the narrator was telling the whole story, with lines of quotes from the characters. I would have rather seen one of the main characters such as Quixote or Sancho telling the story. In that way we would have gotten THEIR POINT OF VIEW. That way we would have known their perspective of things. I believe that way we would have got a closer relationship with the character telling the story because we would have been able to see how the character thinks. I feel like i don’t really know Sancho or Quixote well because they didn’t narrate the story. I would have preferend the homodiegetic narrative. Overall i can see why this book is a classic because of the wonderful ideas with the adventures. I would recommended this book to a friend.

Blog 9

21 Jun

We individually read a section of the novel “Don Quixote”, and informed each other about the part we read about. This helped us brake down the chapters into pieces and came up with main facts about that section. We compared the roles of the characters in the novel with examples of flat and round characters

Flat/Static character One dimensional figure characterized by a very restricted speech. Doesn’t develop in the course of action, characterize as a “type”.

Round/Dynamic character: three dimensional figure characterized by many, often conflictng, properties. A round character tends to develop in the course of action.

Quixote is a round character because of his large role in the story. He was very ambitious and the story is about him, which makes his character important. Sancho is a flat character because he is the side kick of Quixote, doesn’t have a mind of his own, lives in Quixote dream because he probably to afraid to accomplish his own dreams.