Blog 9

21 Jun

We individually read a section of the novel “Don Quixote”, and informed each other about the part we read about. This helped us brake down the chapters into pieces and came up with main facts about that section. We compared the roles of the characters in the novel with examples of flat and round characters

Flat/Static character One dimensional figure characterized by a very restricted speech. Doesn’t develop in the course of action, characterize as a “type”.

Round/Dynamic character: three dimensional figure characterized by many, often conflictng, properties. A round character tends to develop in the course of action.

Quixote is a round character because of his large role in the story. He was very ambitious and the story is about him, which makes his character important. Sancho is a flat character because he is the side kick of Quixote, doesn’t have a mind of his own, lives in Quixote dream because he probably to afraid to accomplish his own dreams.


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