Response 2

Jessica Villejoint                                                                                              Prof. Alvarez

6/20/2011                                                                                                          Eng 363

                                                                   Don Quixote

A round character is three dimensional; have conflicting characters, not a stereotype. It is a complex literally character with fully develop traits. The round character can be more reliable out of the rest of the characters. The novel “Don Quixote” by Cervantes, Don Quixote is a round character because he is the main character and the only character with plenty of conflicts. The quote where Don says to Sancho “It’s my belief, Sancho, that all your sufferings are caused by your not having been admitted to the order of chivalry, for it seems to me that this liquor does not benefit those who are not knights” (Cervantes 133) proves that Quixote knew that he was fit to be successful but Sancho wasn’t fit to be successful and Quixote believed the drink they drank proved it. It seems as if Quixote was extremely optimistic. He was so sure of himself that he is the best knight and tried bringing Sancho’s spirit down. Quixote had a very strong character, even though the narrator and other people thought that he was insane. Quixote is a round character because he has been through a lot during the whole story and still maintained to conquer what he waned to accomplish. He was clearly obsessed with adventures and being a knight throughout the whole story. After reading these books he decided to go through adventures. The fact that he had always stuck with the same idea of being a knight and being adventurous without ever deciding to give up, shows his character is fully develop with him knowing exactly what he wants. Everyone thought he was insane because he didn’t sleep or ate but read tremoundsly, but in his mind he thought that he wasn’t insane but he was being ambitious. Even though it was a bit insane that Quixote was trying to live an adventurous life just as the characters in the stories he was reading, On the other hand, Quixote isn’t insane because he was very constant with his discussion of being a brave knight throughout the whole story. In order for an individual to be insane they must never be constant about knowing who they actually are. Throughout the novel Quixote was an adventurous knight, so he knew who he was. His character always stayed the same and had a big impact in the novel which makes him a round character.

A flat character is a one dimensional, doesn’t develop and can be a stereotype. The flat character represents a “type” more than a personality. A flat character is the highlight that develops around a round character, which is a side kick of the main character. Sancho is a flat character in the story “Don Quixote”. Sancho replied to Quixote “Well I’ll be damned and all my kinsfolk too! If you knew that, why did you let me drink the stuff in the first place?” (Cervantes 133). Sancho said that because he was furious that Quixote had let him drink the wine knowing that the wine wouldn’t help him because he isn’t fit enough to be a knight. Quixote had complete control of Sancho, because Sancho’s character wasn’t as strong minded as his. Quixote manipulated Sancho into believing he isn’t worth being a knight, when in fact Sancho probably is more fit than he is. Since Sancho isn’t as determined as Quixote he actually believes Quixote. Quixote said that remark to Sancho to bring down his self esteem and that way Quixote will always have the upper hand and always have him as his loyal sidekick.  Sancho is a flat character because he was the loyal sidekick of Quixote. He never had a voice of his own. He seemed as if he wasn’t sure of himself, first he hated being a laborer and wanted to be a Governor. Than when he got the chance of seeing how it is to be a Governor, he decided that he would rather be a laborer. He has more of stable mind than Quixote but he isn’t as ambitious as Quixote. Sancho never had a main personality that readers could rely on. The only role he stuck with was the role of always being right by Quixote’s side and helping him out. Sancho’s character wasn’t introduce in the first chapter which indicates that his character is not the main character that readers should focus on, but the fact that he is the supporter of the main character (Quixote) means that his character is extremely important. Without Sancho by his side, Quixote probably wouldn’t be able to go through his adventures alone which make Sancho a flat character. Every determined, ambitious and brave character has to have a loyal sidekick by his side.

                                                                      Work Cited

De Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel, The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha. Columbus, MT USA: Penguin group, 2003. Print.


One Response to “Response 2”

  1. salvarez June 22, 2011 at 9:19 am #

    Nice writing here Jessica, I’m can tell you’re a good proof-reader.

    That relationship between Sancho and Quixote is a strange one. Some have argued that their relationship is like between parent to child, and others that the relationship is romantic. I think you’re pointing to imbalances of power between Sancho and Quixote, and also how Quixote manipulates Sancho to see things his way, even though his way of seeing things is crazy. And then, of course, let the comedy ensue.

    Keep trying to use more of the Jahn terms in your analysis, make sure you cite his text about “static” and round characters, or what he says about characterization that interests you.

    Sancho, by the way, gets his own chapters in the second part of the novel.

    Keep working on the academic titles. And you didn’t include the original year of publication or the translator of the novel.

    4.8 out of 5 points.

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