Blog 10

21 Jun

Overall i liked this book. I gave it 3 stars , because i like the fact that Quixote is extremely adventurous. The fact that he is adventurous makes it exciting because he comes across a lot of obstacles. The humerous lines that were thrown in the story made me also like the story because it stopped me from getting bored, That’s what kept me interested in the story as well. I didn’t like how the narrator was telling the whole story, with lines of quotes from the characters. I would have rather seen one of the main characters such as Quixote or Sancho telling the story. In that way we would have gotten THEIR POINT OF VIEW. That way we would have known their perspective of things. I believe that way we would have got a closer relationship with the character telling the story because we would have been able to see how the character thinks. I feel like i don’t really know Sancho or Quixote well because they didn’t narrate the story. I would have preferend the homodiegetic narrative. Overall i can see why this book is a classic because of the wonderful ideas with the adventures. I would recommended this book to a friend.


One Response to “Blog 10”

  1. salvarez June 22, 2011 at 9:10 am #

    Jessica I have you down for all 15 points for your blog posts this round. You’ve got a lot of writing you’re doing in these posts, and I hope you can see some possible things you’ve written you might be able to use for your final essay.

    Do you like the narration in Omaha Bigelow? How does it compare with Don Quixote?

    15 out of 15 points.

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